tandemTandem is creating opportunity and sustainable social change by investing in and mentoring social enterprises that pursue innovative and entrepreneurial solutions to social challenges.

IVN_TANDEM_CAPTURETandem is the first social venture fund in Israel applying business standards to achieve social change, while leveraging an extensive network of entrepreneurs and executives in Israel and the U.S. — as well as a decade of hands-on venture philanthropy experience.

Partnering with IVN’s Tandem Fund means participating in a fund-structured, measurable initiative focused on laying the foundation for the emerging social business sector in Israel, achieving a sustainable social impact (SROI).

Every dollar invested is cycled back through the fund — repaid by the social enterprise, then invested back into other enterprises for a leveraged, long-lasting impact.

Investment Committee


IVN’s Tandem Fund is led and managed by principals who have backgrounds in both business entrepreneurship and social change. The IVN Tandem Fund Investment Committee team includes:

  • Eric Benhamou — IVN Chairman
  • Benny Levin — IVN Vice-Chairman
  • Itzik Danziger — IVN Investment Committee Chairman
  • Elah Alkalay – IVN Investment Committee Member
  • Yael Biran  – IVN Board Member
  • Brenda Morginstin – IVN Investment Committee Member
  • Reuven Reif, Esq. – IVN Investment Committee Member
  • Vincent Worms  – IVN Board Member

Investment Performance

The IVN Tandem Fund is the first social venture fund in Israel that uses business standards to achieve social change. As such, the Tandem Fund is focused on developing new standards in reporting.

Social Return on Investment (SROI) and Return on Investment (ROI) Reporting:

  • Annually, based on external well known methodology (GIIR)
  • Financial Report: Once a year
  • Progress Report: Once a year, based on measurement of key performance indicators

Our Investors

Our investors understand that financial performance goes hand-in-hand with social and environmental responsibility. Their faith in IVN and the Tandem Fund allows us to encourage and nurture Israel’s emerging social business sector and positively influence and shape its social landscape long-term.

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