In 2007, the Tirat Carmel Community Foundation established Sumsum (meaning: Sesame), a social enterprise assisting youth at risk in Tirat Carmel through education and business entrepreneurship. Within the framework, the youth make and sell sandwiches and salads at the local youth center. In parallel, the participants undergo both professional and business courses and take part in educational frameworks according to each individual ability and need. The enterprise works in close collaboration with the local municipality, local Department of Welfare, Department of Education and the Community Fund.

The program’s goals are:
• To develop a meaningful, effective, and protective environment for youth at risk
• To provide these youths with valuable business tools
• To assist the youth in regaining their self-confidence and improving their academic achievements
• To prove to the youth that they are able to succeed in life

IVN’s goals within the partnership are to enable Sumsum to become self-sustainable and to build a solid and regulated measurement & evaluation plan.

Joined IVN’s portfolio in late 2012 as part of the Social Venture Program.

STATUS: Current


Aviv Ron
Aviv is the CEO and Co-Founder of Huntington
Property Investments and has held CEO and GM
positions in several Hi-Tech companies in the US,
France and Israel.


IVN & Tsadik Foundation



Number of Youth-at-Risk Employed

  • 2014 – 10
  • 2015 – 7
  • 2016 – 21
  • 2017 – 25

Self-generated Income as % of Total Budget

  • 2014 – 20%
  • 2015 – 15%
  • 2016 – 13%
  • 2017 – 88%