IVN Members are part of an elite network of senior business executives, dedicated and committed to the betterment of Israel’s social landscape.

Member involvement is instrumental in helping our social ventures realize their dreams.

  • Developing an overarching investment strategy applying the most innovative philanthropic models aimed at bridging societal gaps
  • Implementing a rigorous process of social gap identification and selection of social ventures capable of having the highest possible, sustainable impact on the identified social gaps
  • Providing operational oversight on the ground, based on established business management practices
  • Developing strategic partnerships in order to reach sustainable and replicable social impact.

We are grateful to our almost 100 members. Your experience, time, talent and financial support are instrumental in helping us shape a better Israel.

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At some point in our lives we all develop the desire to give back to society; to put to work what we have been fortunate to accumulate over the years and give to those less fortunate. But how do you do it? Investing your time, talent, and money for the benefit of society is not something to be taken lightly. How do you find the ‘right’ cause – a cause which on the one hand can make a noticeable and lasting impact while on the other, gets you interested, excited, and emotionally involved? Once you find a social venture which may be right for you, how do you qualify it? Is it well managed? Does it track its results and have measurements for success?

This is where IVN comes in. At IVN we fulfill our mission by recruiting some of the best and most successful business executives and by harnessing their resources – time, talent, and money.

You’ll receive periodic updates and invitations to intimate events presenting prominent speakers and have the unique opportunity to invest in high impact social ventures that are inline with your interests and vision while being assured that they are part of a well defined investment strategy.

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